Limited Time: Save over 80% on the CSB Bible Study Notes

Study Bibles are the true workhorses in any Bible reader’s arsenal of study tools.

While commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and atlases exist to help us dive deep into the text of scripture, one of the quickest ways to get situated with the biblical text is to reference the notes and articles found in a study Bible. Notes relevant to the passage you are reading are at your fingertips, giving you a quick summary of the background and message of the text. And though they are certainly not a replacement for the inspired text, study Bible notes provide a breadth of information in one convenient location.

The CSB Study Bible tops the list of the greatest study Bibles available—and now the notes are available for pre-order in Logos Bible Software. Containing 66 detailed book introductions, 31 in-depth articles, and more than 16,000 notes from over 70 respected Bible scholars from trusted evangelical institutions, including:

  • Ed Stetzer
  • Iain Duguid
  • Bruce Ware
  • Daniel Akin
  • Sean McDowell
  • Dorian Coover-Cox
  • Andreas Köstenberger
  • Kevin L Smith
  • Mark Dever
  • Mary Kassian

Study Bible notes are made even more useful in Logos. Opening as a separate resource rather than as mere footnotes to the biblical text, study Bible notes act as a side-by-side resource to your preferred translation of the Bible. Link them together with any biblical text and the notes scroll automatically alongside scripture while you’re reading. View an article quickly before jumping back into the notes. Pull up maps easily while you trace Paul’s journey in Acts. Logos makes the CSB Study Bible Notes even more powerful and easy to use.

For a limited time, the CSB Study Bible Notes are available to pre-order for only $4.99—but only through January 12. Place your pre-order today to save over 80% on the CSB Study Bible Notes!


Want the complete CSB Study Bible Experience? Simply pre-order the Study Notes and link them to your Logos edition of the CSB Bible. Don’t have a copy of the CSB? No problem—the CSB is available for free for a limited time. Get it now.


  1. Speak Your Mind: Ok, these notes provide interpretation consistent with Calvinistic theology but fails to present an interpretation consistent with non-Calvinistic theology. Dr. Harwood has provided a Theological Review of the CSB Study Bible Notes and he states “I am writing from a friendly perspective” and he addressing only one doctrine, salvation. It is well worth your time to read this review instead of just ordering it. The Lexham Study Bible Notes don’t have an agenda and is part of the software.