ICC Volumes Just $19.99 Each

It doesn’t take much counting to recognize a very special deal: during the rest of January only, you can get any volume of the International Critical Commentary for just $19.99. (With two exceptions: Pastoral Epistles for $18.99 and Ezekiel for $17.99.)

This special $19.99 price applies whether you need just one volume to complete the 61-volume set, or want to buy them all. And given their normal price, that would be a good idea. Everyday prices for volumes in this series range up to $92.99, such as for volumes 1 and 2 of the Gospel According to St. John. So this month’s sale price represents a savings of up to 78% off, and typically falls in the 50% off range.

Why the International Critical Commentary Series?

No other commentary brings together every facet of exegesis like the ICC. Each verse meets every discipline: linguistic analysis; textual criticism; historical, cultural, and literary context; and theological interpretation. This series brings it all together.

Find out which volume you may be missing, or scan the list for the volumes you’d like best. But don’t wait. This sale ends at midnight (PT) January 31.

Choose one. Choose all 61. Shop the sale now.


  1. Larry Craig says

    Don’t wait. Don’t stop to think about it. Don’t count your money on hand. Just get them and it will all work out in the end. You will be glad you did.

    I admit, in general, I like the older volumes better than the new ones, but the new Romans, Matthew, and Acts are some of the best commentaries available, especially Matthew.