How to Find Every Instance of the Granville Sharp Rule

At a recent Camp Logos an attendee asked:

What is the search query for locating examples of the Granville Sharp rule?

If you’re unfamiliar with this Greek construction, I’ll show you below how to get some information about it.

The good news is there is a search query for finding examples. The better news is you don’t have to worry about it because the software does the heavy lifting for us!

Allow me to show you what I mean with my new Logos best friend, the Bible Browser:

  • Choose Tools | Bible Browser
  • Select a Bible from which to display the results (A)
  • Expand in the sidebar the Grammatical Constructions section (B)
  • Expand the Greek subsection (C)
  • Click more>> to display additional facets (D)

  • Notice all of the pre-tagged Greek grammatical constructions including Granville Sharp (E)
  • Rest the cursor on the Granville Sharp facet to see a popup definition of this construction (F)

  • Click the Granville Sharp facet (F) to display on the right biblical examples of the Greek grammatical construction (G)

To easily brush up on your knowledge of the Granville Sharp rule try this quick search:

  • Type this query in the Command box: “Granville Sharp” (H)
  • Select from the drop down list Search for “Granville Sharp” (I)

  • Utilize the Library Results section to jump to locations of this phrase in your library (J)

Today’s blog post is just one of numerous examples of how Logos takes something that could be very complicated and makes it much simpler!

For more detailed information about the Bible Browser, the Command Box and Searching, secure your copy of the Logos 7 Training Manuals Volumes 1-3 in print or digital.

Also be sure to follow the new MP Seminars Faithlife group and receive a FREE download of the commentary Ephesians: Verse by Verse by Dr. Grant Osborne.


  1. David Cortes says

    Lamentably, “Bible Browser” only works when you are online. Although I have Logos 7 (With all its features), my internet speed is too slow where I leve (currently I am outside of the US) and I cannot do this exercise. I really wish for Faithlife to consider options for people like me, who visit US once a year for several weeks, and allow us to use these features offline.
    How can this be done? I have no idea, but Logos people are very smart and they can figure it out.

  2. James Uhlmann says

    My {Grammatical Constructions > Greek} only opens 5 subsections. I have the Full Feature Set. Am I missing something?