It’s 2018. Where’s Your Bible?

You want to grow closer to God this year, and you know Bible reading is a big part of that. But where to start?

We have a few suggestions, starting with the new version of a favorite app. We’ll also introduce you to a bundle of new (and free) resources.

A fresh way to browse

Begin with the popular new Logos mobile app, now with tabbed browsing. This new feature makes it easier than ever to switch between Bibles, commentaries, and more. With a single tap or swipe you’ll switch effortlessly between all your open resources.

As one excited user put it, “Wow wow. Love this update!”

We do, too! So if you haven’t already, use this tool to dive into a deeper Bible reading habit this year. And that’s just the beginning.

Get the mobile app today.

It’s all in the bundle

In addition to the mobile app, we recommend downloading a new bundle containing the Christian Standard Bible, Logos 7 Basic, and a helpful devotional from one of America’s leading Bible scholars.

The CSB is a new translation from a team of more than 100 scholars representing 17 denominations. It’s easy to read without sacrificing accuracy, and it’s yours free through Jan. 12.

Logos 7 Basic helps you turn Bible reading into Bible study. Its feature-rich mobile version keeps your notes, highlights, library, and preferences completely in sync. There’s no better way to keep your study going when you leave home or office. And yes, it’s also free.

Finally, you’re sure to enjoy the devotional from D.A. Carson (co-founder of the Gospel Coalition). For the Love of God helps you read through the Bible in a year, with rich insights on the unity of Scripture. And once again, it costs you nothing.

Bible, Bible software, devotional—it all comes together this year. So get a fresh start—and keep your wallet in your pocket.

Download these free resources now.

Written by
Robert Elmer
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Written by Robert Elmer