New Year Sale: Free Bundle and Discounts up to 50%

New year, new goals.

Whatever your goals are for engaging Scripture, Logos has big discounts ready to help you reach them.

Make Bible reading a habit

If you’re like most, you want to make daily Bible reading a habit. And if you’re like most, you struggle to do it.

Here’s a free devotional bundle to help you out.

It includes the new Christian Standard Bible, Logos 7 Basic, and D.A. Carson’s For the Love of God devotional.

  • FREE: Christian Standard Bible — Easy to read without sacrificing accuracy, the Christian Standard Bible is a new translation from a team of more than 100 scholars from 17 denominations. Add the study notes for just $4.99 to make it a study Bible.
  • FREE: Logos 7 BasicTurn Bible reading into Bible study. Compare translations, do word studies, and build reading plans in seconds—all on your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • FREE: For the Love of God devotionalMove through the whole Bible in a year, with rich insights on the unity of Scripture from one of America’s greatest Bible scholars, D.A. Carson (co-founder of the Gospel Coalition).

When you pair the CSB with Logos 7 Basic, you bring your Bible reading to a new level. The CSB is a fresh translation, so you’ll already be reading the Bible and noticing things you hadn’t before.

But Logos takes you a level deeper. In seconds you can do word studies, compare translations, or even look into the original languages and historical context. Those moments when something in Scripture makes you curious—that’s what Logos is for.

Then, after your Bible reading and study, finish off your devotional time with a reading from D.A. Carson. As an evangelical scholar, author, and former pastor, he has dedicated his whole life to studying and teaching Scripture, and his insights are profound.

Download the bundle now. The CSB is only free through Jan. 12, and after that the price goes up. You can also pre-order the study notes for just $4.99, transforming the CSB into a powerful study Bible. That means you can get a great study Bible for just $4.99.

Take your studies deeper

Maybe you have Bible reading down, and you’re ready to tackle more. There are deals for that, too.

  • Save $50 on Logos 7 StarterGet even more features in Logos 7 than what you do in Basic, such as Quickstart Layouts and the Courses Tool, for faster, more in-depth study. And that’s not to mention the 100+ Bible study and theology resources. That all translates to more insights on Scripture.
  • Save up to 40% on Mobile Ed coursesSet a yearlong goal with self-paced biblical studies programs. No homework, no deadlines, just total flexibility. Save on the church history, New Testament, church leadership programs.

Grab the free bundle and stock up on more Logos resources for a year of in-depth study. But hurry, the sale ends 1/31.

Shop the sale now.