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Logos is two major things: resources and tools, and good Bible study is about using the best of both.


Every Logos 7 base package collects Bibles, commentaries, reference works, and other solid resources together for your study. You can type any Bible reference—Gen 3:16, Isaiah 40, Revelation 12—and get a set of curated links out to relevant resources. Click the link to a commentary, and it opens right to the correct page.


Logos 7 also provides new insight into the Bible by looking at it from new angles.

  • Search for all the places where “light” is a metaphor for believers in Scripture.
  • Search for all the places Eve is mentioned, whether her name is used or not.
  • Search for every time the word agape occurs in the New Testament.

All these are possible because Logos has carefully tagged every word in Scripture by hand in various ways.

20% off

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