Get the Best Deal on Better Bible Study

Logos base packages and feature sets are 20% off till Saturday, December 30th at the stroke of midnight.

Base packages already represent significant discounts; buying in bulk is always a great way to save. And this additional discount means better Bible study for even less money.

But what makes for Bible study? It’s essentially two things, each of which is better with Logos 7.

1. Logos 7 gives you better access to the Bible.

Looking up English, Greek, and Hebrew words is a big part of careful Bible study. So is comparing English translations. Logos makes it easy not only to open multiple Bible texts but to get to the original languages—even if you’ve never studied them. Our careful tagging of every word in Scripture means quick access for you.

But Logos offers more than a magnifying glass; it also gives you a birds-eye view. Many commentaries and study Bibles in Logos provide book introductions, but Bible students can use Logos tools to get the big picture for themselves. You can toggle verse and chapter numbers off so you can just glance through a passage and get the gist; you can pull up the Psalms explorer or the Pericope tool to see the structure of a given portion of Scripture. Logos is designed by people who study the Bible for people who study it, so the tools and features are specially crafted for better bible study.

2. Logos 7 gives you better access to Bible teachers.

You get more out of Bible study when you do the spadework yourself, but once you’ve done that work, it’s always helpful to ask advice from gifted teachers who’ve given their lives to studying Scripture. Commentaries, dictionaries, journal articles, and books of all kinds come in every base package. A Logos 7 base package gives you wisdom and insight—as well as answers to technical questions—with a simple click.

We also offer Mobile Ed video courses, complete with study questions, from top evangelical professors. And these courses come with screencasts showing you how you can take your study further using the tools in Logos.

Get Logos 7

Logos is a powerful, professional tool, but you don’t need to be intimidated by every last thing the software can do: if all you need is to open up Bibles and commentaries, you’ll still find that a Logos 7 base package is more than worth the money—because it provides better access to the Bible and better access to Bible teachers.


Now through December 30, all Logos 7 base packages and feature sets are 20% off—but this deal won’t last. Whether you’re upgrading from an older version, looking to bolster your library, or brand new to Logos, this is a deal you don’t want to miss. Get it before it’s gone!