Get the Best of 2017 before It’s 2018

We’re offering big savings on some of our customer’s favorite books of 2017—till Friday, January 5th. Get up to 33% off our most-loved and best-selling biblical resources.

Here are some of the highlights in a sale full of them.

  • The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary is one of the best known and most authoritative resources on biblical history, geography, and other details in Scripture.
  • The Reformed Expository Commentary (20 vols.) provides exposition that gives careful attention to the biblical text, is doctrinally Reformed, focuses on Christ through the lens of redemptive history, and applies the Bible to our contemporary setting.
  • Biblical Doctrine: A Systematic Summary of Bible Truth is something different from one of Christianity’s best known and loved expositors, John MacArthur: a theology rather than an exposition (he wrote with theologian Richard Mayhue). It’s a theology based on exposition, and that’s its value.
  • The Lexham Methods Series provides helpful introductions to major areas of biblical study that are often unknown by Christians. The series could help your own Bible study take a major step forward, incorporating textual criticism, linguistics, and historical study into your work in Scripture.
  • The Logos Academic Training Bundle is what schools across the country use to train their students in the use of Logos. It includes four concise courses that are meant to teach seminary-level research using Logos.

Check out all of the books and courses available in the Best of 2017 sale, but hurry: these savings won’t last long. Sale ends 1/5, 11:59 pm (PT).


  1. Felmar Roel Rap. Singco says

    All the Anchor Yale Series are my dreams!

    My gosh, I think I would pore it over day in and out!

    It would be comparable to a word lover poring over the 20 volumes English Oxford Dictionary.