More Ways to Make Logos Bible Software Work for You

Last week we looked at creating custom layouts to streamline the way you use Logos. In response to that post, we received some excellent feedback from our users—and a request for even more ways to personalize the Logos platform.

In this week’s video, we’ll continue to look at customizing Logos to fit your study process: we’ll create custom guides to get you just the information you need. Follow along as one of the Logos Pros helps you build several guide reports, tracking down information from commentaries, journal article, primary source material, and more.

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  1. Peter Krause says

    what version is this man speaking of? I can find nothing that allows me to divide my commentaries into technical or expository or intermediate etc. I also can find no such group as the commentary collections group in the Faithlife community which I am a member of. Anyone else having this problem? I am running the updated version of Logos 7