How to Use Sermon Editor’s New View Settings

I certainly hope you’ve discovered and are enjoying the Logos 7 Sermon Editor! This “multi-document creating word processor” continues to expand with new and improved features.

The recent release of Logos 7.10 contains two big new enhancements: Slides View and Outline View.

To view (and subsequently export) just the slides in the document:

  • Click the Slides link on the toolbar (A)
  • Click Export to send the slides to Proclaim, PowerPoint, etc. (B)

To display the file in an outline mode:

  • Make sure the view is set to All (C)
  • Click the View drop down list (D)
  • Select Show outline (E)

  • Notice:
    • Outline sidebar on the left side of the panel (F)
    • Headings 1-5 are displayed in the sidebar (G)
    • Normal editing continues in the body on the right (H)

  • Click a Heading in the sidebar (I) to jump to that element in the body on the right (J)

As you can probably tell, the big advantages of the outline sidebar are seeing a condensed view of a long document and having the ability to quickly jump to a desired location!

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Morris Proctor
is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.


  1. I wonder if you are researching a theological issue, for example CRRATION VS EVOLUTION, is there a way to create a passage list, save list and all references you have in your library? Personally I am a young Earth Creationist. I am for my own interests, trying to get a good, thought provoking document on the topic written. I even believe I have a concept I have not come across, but is a great positive for Young Earth Creation. Would like to make sure I have a good broad spectrum of references and resources to include, and provide a better defence. Such a tool would definitely be helpful. Thanks

  2. Sorry typo in previous submission, should be: