Study Abraham’s Life with Your Church for under $60

Abraham may be remembered as a man of faith, but his life was full of the same ups and downs that characterize our lives. Through it all, he learned to trust God’s promises, and by studying his life, we can learn to do the same.

Now your church can study the life of Abraham together with an all-in-one curriculum package. Abraham: Following God’s Promise: Complete Church Curriculum gives you everything you need for an eight-week sermon series and related small group sessions. It’s an affordable way to help your entire church learn in community. And right now, you can get the complete program for 33% off.

This all-in-one curriculum package has something for everyone:

  • Preaching resources and sermon starters for pastors and teachers
  • Videos, slides, and media for the tech team
  • Bulletin inserts and handouts for the congregation
  • Discussion guides and videos for small group leaders
  • A take-home book for small group members

This month only you can get this comprehensive program for under $60.

Understand Abraham’s story, together

When we take a closer look, even the most familiar biblical stories have new insights to offer. This program will help your entire church discover insights from Abraham’s story. Prepare your sermon with trustworthy research prepared by the team behind Logos Bible Software. You’ll find the perfect sermon illustrations and even an outline to get your sermon started. Everything is customizable, so it’s easy to choose the resources you want to use and where you want to supplement with your own research.

Organizing an all-church program like this could take a lot of time—if you had to do it on your own. This curriculum will help you stay organized, coordinating your church’s teaching ministry across the board. With a single, shared curriculum your small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, congregation and even your volunteer media team has everything they need. The topics in each small group Bible study integrate with your sermons. Best of all, everything is centered on the Word, so your church gets a complete, shared Bible study experience.

Get your church on the same page with an eight-week curriculum that is solidly based on God’s Word. It’s 33% off for just a few more weeks, so be sure to get a great deal while you still can.