Save on Your Favorites in November’s Mobile Ed Publisher Spotlight

But who do they say I am?

Find answers from Scripture to the probing question Jesus asked his disciples with the four video courses in the Jesus and the World He Lived in Bundle. You’ll save 36% when you buy this bundle as part of November’s Publisher Spotlight.

You’ll also enjoy insights from some of your favorite Bible teachers: Craig A. Evans, Daniel Doriani, David deSilva, and David Instone-Brewer.

In NT390 Jesus as Rabbi: The Jewish Context of the Life of Jesus (8 hours), explore the words of Jesus in the context of his conversations with other Jews. From the role of ancient rabbis and rabbinic literature to portrayals of Jesus in the Talmud, Dr. Instone-Brewer reveals how Jesus’ teachings were influenced by his Jewish life.

Join Dr. David deSilva in NT201 The Cultural World of the New Testament (6 hours) as he discusses cultural concepts from the first century and how they shed light on the New Testament. This course will help you better understand the environment early Christians lived in as they broke the rules of society for the sake of the gospel.

In NT252 Parables of Jesus, Dr. Daniel Doriani explains the colorful, startling, and often confusing parables of Jesus. He will walk you through proper interpretation of this unique narrative type by examining their images, themes, and applications for modern readers.

And in NT313 Jesus and the Witness of the Outsiders (1 hour) Dr. Craig A. Evans explores ancient references to Christ in Roman, Jewish, and other writings. You’ll discover what extrabiblical resources reveal about the life of Christ and how Jesus was perceived by early non-Christian witnesses.

Save 36% today when you get all four video classes in the Jesus and the World He Lived in Bundle, and save on other Mobile Ed bundles, as well. But don’t wait! This sale ends November 30.


  1. Hi Roger,

    These are great resources, and this is probably a silly question, but do you know if this promo applies to any other resources? What I mean is that the price would add up to this offer and then provide the discount. Thank you.


    • Robert Elmer says

      Hi, Dean — The discounts apply to those courses listed in the blog post, and also to the courses listed on the page linked at the bottom of the post. So there are quite a few to choose from! Hope that helps. Enjoy the savings.

  2. Dean Poulos says



    Now I realize what mixed me up and why I asked. I checked my library to confirm and I already a book called Jesus and the Outsiders What I wanted to add was David deSilva’s The Cultural World of the New Testament. To purchase that course alone is not logical, given the price of the bundle. Thanks and sorry to have troubled you.