What Does Philippians Reveal about Paul’s Theology?

What if a single book of the Bible could be a window into Paul’s entire theology? In the course Paul’s Theology and the Letter to the Philippians (just $9.99 this month only), Dr. Robert Sloan reveals how a thorough understanding of this letter will help you grasp the overall thought of the apostle Paul. From his prayer of thanksgiving for the Philippians and the soaring “Christ hymn” of chapter two, to his earnest pleas for peace in the local church, discover how Paul’s theology is revealed through every verse of this epistle.

Dr. Sloan draws on his decades of experience in ministry and the academy to provide a careful exegesis of Philippians and the theology of its author. Through the end of the month, you can pick up the entire 3-hour course for just $9.99. And you can add a course from Dr. Craig Evans for no extra charge. Get both now.

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  1. For those who already got the free course, are we given an entry for the books? ?

  2. I wonder what the books are, and how many I own.