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When first published in 2003, the two-volume Paul in the Greco-Roman World quickly established itself as the best handbook for understanding the context of Paul’s letters.

Fourteen years later, it remains unequaled in both depth and scope. Its unmatched ability to put the words of the apostle into perspective makes it perfect for any type of study, from sermon preparation to in-depth scholarship.

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This updated collection of essays from distinguished Pauline scholars is still a must-read for anyone interested in digging deeper into the unique setting of Paul’s writings.

Each chapter gives an overview of social conventions, literary or rhetorical themes, and cultural mores of Paul’s world. Carefully chosen examples demonstrate how Greco-Roman culture sheds light on Paul’s letters and how his readers understood the language or examples he used.

Paul in the Greco-Roman World has also been fully revised and updated, taking into account the most current research. New chapters cover Paul and memory, Paul’s economics, honor and shame in Paul’s writings, the Greek novel, and more. The volume’s editor, Paul Sampley, has also added a comprehensive epilogue.

“The volume is a masterpiece of knowledge and critical analysis of the Greco-Roman context of the Jewish apostle’s letters,” writes Kathy Ehrensperger (University of Wales), “and will continue to be an essential tool for Pauline scholars.”

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