Don’t Miss November’s Deals on Mobile Education

Waiting may be a virtue, but in this case, it could prove expensive.

By waiting just a few more days, you could pay up to $3,400 more—for the same Logos Mobile Education video courses. Act now for the best bundle deals of the year.

Today you pay $399.99 for the Jesus and the World He Lived In Bundle (4 courses). But wait until December 1, and you would pay $230 more. Either way, this four-course bundle gives you a deeper understanding of Jesus as rabbi, his parables, the world of the early believers, and even how Jesus was perceived by non-Christian witnesses.

You would pay $470 more for the 10-course Michael Heiser bundle by waiting until December. Get it today, and you save 31% on the rich, challenging teaching of Faithlife’s scholar-in-residence. From the end times to baptism, you’ll learn the art and science of Bible interpretation and how to grapple with difficult passages.

Need more examples? In the four-course Darrell Bock Bundle, you’ll learn how to study the Bible, how the early Church got its start, and how you fit into God’s plan for the world. But wait too long, and you would pay $200 more.

Bryan Chapell’s third installment in the Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons series will give you advanced techniques and battle-tested methods to help you in the pulpit. You’ll learn a variety of sermon preparation and delivery methods and how to develop your own style. And this 11-hour course will be $123 more in December.

Wait until December to buy the 24-course Old Testament Studies Bundle, and you would pay $1,584 more. Better to enjoy the insight and teaching from scholars like Mark Futato, Daniel Block, Michael Heiser, and Jay Sklar now, while you can still save 30% on the bundle.

And ultimately you would pay $3,474 more by waiting to buy the 55-course New Testament Studies Bundle.  

Enough examples? These November savings all add up to one thing: a great opportunity. So get your Mobile Education bundle this month—before regular prices return.