Try Logos 7 Platinum Free, Nov. 1–14

Starting November 1, you can enjoy free, unlimited access to every feature and resource of Logos 7 Platinum during a special two-week free trial event. It’s a bit like test-driving a car, but with no strings. You don’t even have to leave the house.

Yes, it’s all free

Logos 7 Platinum includes more than 900 carefully curated library resources, including commentaries, theology dictionaries, encyclopedias, Greek/Hebrew resources, sermon collections, and much more.

Purchased separately, these resources would cost you more than $22,000! And this package normally retails for just over $2,000. But during this two-week window (Nov. 1–14), you can try it all for free.

Start your Logos 7 Platinum trial and explore the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, BDAG, The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, Hermeneia and Continental Commentary series, and hundreds of other biblical resources.

How to try Platinum for free

Already own another version of Logos? First, follow the Free Logos 7 Platinum Event group for full access to Logos 7 Platinum features and resources.

Next, launch your Logos desktop app and follow the prompts. You’ll be signed up for Platinum automatically. (Access starts Nov. 1.)

While it updates, you can jump in and start using in the web app immediately.

New to Logos? Get started here. Link to the “web app” or “mobile device” buttons to set up your account. Then follow the Free Logos 7 Platinum Event group.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive regular email updates explaining how to best enjoy your test-drive experience during the November 1–14 trial period.

You may also post questions inside the group and share your experiences with other Logos 7 Platinum trial users. That means you’ll get off to a better start—and so will everyone else in the group.

Enjoy the power of Logos 7 Platinum—with no risk, no cost, and no pressure.

Get Logos 7 Platinum free!


  1. Vashon Bolton says

    This sounds like a great opportunity to use all the features. My one question is what happens when the trial period is up?

    • Robert Elmer says

      Good question, Vashon — At the end of the two-week period, your version will revert to the way it was before the trial period. But of course you do have the opportunity to purchase the upgrade and keep things as is!

  2. To whom it may concern;

    just a couple questions
    1) Is it ok to tell friends and family about this offer to?
    2) At the end of the 2 weeks, everything we do not own will be gone, right!
    Example, I am researching pre church fathers, every thing that is saved in my “clippings” will be gone to, correct! At least I assume it would be, correct!

    • Robert Elmer says

      Thanks for your note, Will, and yes of course please feel free to tell friends and family about the offer! About clippings… you raise an excellent question. Will they disappear at the end of the two weeks? The answer I get so far is that you’ll be able to keep clippings. However, to be safe, I would back up your clippings using another method. We’re in brand-new territory with this offer, and I would feel better if you safeguarded important information like that. Hope that makes sense!

  3. Have logos 6 platinum. Upgrade too expensive, also have logos now do have use of logos 7 features. Unfortunately my computer is in for servicing, supposed to be back for the third. Will just use on smart phone till then. Will try and figure out how to send several friends. Security blocks contact list pop-up. Not looking forward to loosing the increased benefits at end of trial.

    • Serge Jacmel says

      Yeah, I have the same concern! I find it way too expensive to upgrade from Platinum 6 to 7!

  4. Darrel Joyner says

    The I Beam of Message Building has errors in the Investigation section of each chapter. All the words in the examples do not contain spaces.

  5. That is good advice, save any searches, or other files you create, just in case. However, I do not see any reason personal files would vanish, but better safe than regretful!!

  6. terry leach says

    since I have [and I suppose most do] logos on several computers, will the trial be available on each one or just the one I clicked the follow button on?

    • Robert Elmer says

      Thanks for the question, Terry. It will automatically download on every computer. Enjoy!

  7. I Think my Logos is being updated on Halloween, Great. I got my computer in time for the full trial. Thanks for the early start! One thought on the search question. It probably will be true the search results will be kept, in your search history, but any new book or resource you do not have will be locked to you. So this complicates the answers that have been given. Yes you can access the resources during the trial, but afterwards they will be locked, so you will need to have taken any quotes you want from the resources, and copy them to your articles, sermons or research before trial expiry.

  8. Jose Flores says

    is in Spanish too

  9. I really wanted to take advantage of this excellent offer, but the app for Kindle is not available. Do you know it that will change before the offer is over?