More Tips on Finding the Perfect Hymn for Sunday Morning

Last week’s post answered a user’s question on how to find hymns based on a Scripture reference. Today, using a feature called field searching, we’ll locate hymns written by a specific author, with a desired title, or containing certain words.

If you’re looking for a hymn, give this a go:

  • Click the Search icon in the upper left of the program
  • Select Basic as the search type (A)
  • Choose the resource(s) to search drop-down list (B)
  • Type hymnal in the Find box (C)
  • Select Logos Hymnal Media Resource from the list (please note this resource is not in Logos 7 Base Packages, but can be added to your library) (D)

  • Choose the Fields to search drop-down list (E)

I’ll pause here to explain what a field is. Imagine a form or application with various fields such as name, address, phone, etc. Likewise the Logos Hymnal Media Resource contains different fields such as contributor, title, and lyrics. The search can then be limited to one of more of these fields.

  • Expand the Search Fields section (F)
  • Check one or more of the fields such as Contributor, Title, and/or Lyrics (G)
  • Click outside the list to close it (H)

  • Type a search query in the box such as: (I)
    • Toplady for contributor (author)
    • Rock of Ages for title
    • cleft for me for lyrics
  • Press the Enter key to generate the search results (J)
  • Click the title of a hymn (K) to open the resource right to it (L)

Now that you have an understanding of field searching, apply this same feature to search your journals by author!

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  1. Joshua Lieder says

    What a shame this most basic of tools is not part of a base package.