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51% off The Anchor Yale Bible (88 volumes) Academic contributors from a cross section of traditions lay the historical and linguistic foundation you need to map your own theological and practical applications. Every serious Bible student or pastor can use this kind of dedicated scholarship to more fully grasp the context and framework of Scripture.

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49% off the Anchor Yale Reference Library (33 volumes) How can we better understand the Scriptures in light of archaeology, ancient economics, language, or literature? These volumes (totaling 19,614 pages) deal with these topics and more. And since it’s a Logos edition, you’ll get instant access to a wealth of technical, linguistic, and etymological data, along with tools for accurate exegesis and interpretation.

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74% off The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Yale Edition (26 volumes) Jonathan Edwards left an indelible mark on the way we understand our faith. This massive, 16,000-page collection provides the most comprehensive archive ever assembled of his treatises, sermons, letters, musings, and previously unpublished works. This is the definitive Jonathan Edwards—completely searchable and linked. With the power and speed of Logos, the works of one of American history’s greatest theologians are accessible as never before (and at the lowest price ever!).

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