On Sale This Month: The Analytical Bible Expositor

October’s monthly sale offers you a number of bargains, including the ever-popular 27-volume Analytical Bible Expositor series.

Through October 31, you’ll save 34% ($165.02) on John G. Butler’s chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse commentary. Obviously that’s a considerable savings, and hard to pass up. But what’s different about this series? Why is it so highly rated?

Clear, accessible, biblical exposition

For one thing, the Analytical Bible Expositor is more accessible than the typical commentary. Butler avoids heavy intellectual arguments and difficult-to-understand language. He also treats each chapter of the Bible as a unit, and analyzes each verse in his distinctly analytical, alliterative style.

That’s not to say he skims the surface, however. Butler’s love for pulpit ministry and practical teaching shows through in the depth and organization of his work. That means the Analytical Bible Expositor series naturally combines meaning and message, explanation with real-world application. And each commentary organizes the biblical text in a way that offers plenty of sermon and lesson outlines—a clear advantage and time-saver as you prepare your own presentations.

Whether you’re a pastor, teacher, or a Bible student, Logos Bible Software also makes Analytical Bible Expositor simple to navigate. The clear outlines in each chapter allow you to easily jump from subject to subject using the contents bar. All Scripture passages link to your favorite translation, and you can study this volume side by side with your other commentaries.

Save 34% today on the Analytical Bible Expositor series. And check out the savings on other key titles during October’s monthly sale.


  1. Jeff Marshall says

    Where is Logos Pentecostal?????