How to Open to Your Favorite Logos Layout Every Time

I recently received this question from a fellow Logos user:

I’m often in the midst of my study when I have to close Logos to move on to other tasks for the day. Is there a way to open the program to the desktop arrangement I had when I closed the program?

The answer is yes! And the solution is super simple.

Try this:

  • Choose Tools | Program Settings
  • Select the At Startup Open to drop down list (A)
  • Select Most recent layout – local (B)
  • Close Program Settings
  • Arrange your Logos desktop any way you like
  • Close the Logos program
  • Open the Logos program
  • Notice Logos opens to the same desktop arrangement you had when you closed the program!

If you use multiple computers, such as a home and office computer, then select Most recent layout – any (C) and Logos will open on your office computer the way you closed the program on the home computer!

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Morris Proctor
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  1. Rev.Michael L. Burns says

    My question is similar but slightly different. I open Logos by default to my homepage which is my preferred. Is there a way to automatically default to a particular layout when I press Home again, in other words, toggle between my homepage and favorite or last layout?

  2. Marcus Baird says

    Thanks for the info and helping is this area. The Home Page is the most common page to open in I would assume. I have added many devotionals to my home page but wondered how I can now remove them since I have gone through them over time and now they just take home page space. How can I remove various devotionals from the home page?
    Thanks, Marcus

  3. Great feature and I have used it for a while. Even if you have multiple windows open with different layouts in each one it remembers everything open. I use different local layouts on different computers due to screen size though occasionally the software remembers the wrong layout and opens one from a different computer.