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The Anchor Yale Bible

The Anchor Yale Bible is a fresh approach to the world’s greatest classic—the Bible. This prestigious commentary series of more than 80 volumes represents the pinnacle of biblical scholarship, drawing from the wisdom and resources of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars from around the world. A book-by-book translation and exegesis of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Apocrypha that includes more than 80 volumes, this vast commentary series makes available all the significant historical and linguistic knowledge which bears on the interpretation of the Bible.

These massive commentaries have set the standard for biblical scholarship for decades. Get three volumes for under $5.

Then, pick up the complete series for half off + your custom discount.


  1. hi; I do need your kind helping! I have payed and purchased above items
    ,the Anchor Yale Bible ! I have no idea where my order be found ? I have not seen them yet at all ! Please advise me, appreciated very much .
    Sincerely ,

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Zae. Have you tried restarting Logos? Often after purchasing a resource, restarting will initiate a download and you’ll be able to find it with a simple library search. Let me know if you need anything.