Friday Wrap-up: Logos 7 Platinum Free, Free Bible Study Course, More

Try Logos 7 Platinum

It’s the end of the month, and it’s time to take advantage of all these free, on sale, and otherwise outstanding deals. Take a look at this week’s Friday Wrap-Up:

Try Logos 7 Platinum free, Nov. 1–14

Starting November 1, you can enjoy free, unlimited access to every feature and resource of Logos 7 Platinum during a special two-week, free trial event. It’s a bit like test-driving a car, but with no strings. You don’t even have to leave the housejust follow this Faithlife group.

Jonah went digital. Now it’s your turn.

Master digital Bible study techniques in just 10 days and learn a proven method for understanding and applying God’s Word. This free video course will help you gain confidence in your Bible study as you work step-by-step through the book of Jonah.

Sign up for free.

Special deals for Pastor Appreciation Month

During Pastor Appreciation Month we’re offering special half-off deals on a number of must-have ministry resources—including books and courses for preaching, teaching, counseling, and more. But hurry—these bargains expire at noon (PT) on Monday, October 30.

Check out the deals.

Last chance for this free commentary

If you haven’t downloaded this month’s free commentary, there’s still time—but not much. Download The Anchor Yale Bible: Romans for free. And while you’re at it, add the commentary on Habakkuk for an additional $1.99, and Galatians for just $2.99.

Get all three commentaries for under $5.

Get Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics for (much) less

This month you can pick up the four-volume Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics at a substantial one-third off. Richard Muller’s work chronicles the development of Reformed theology and the rise of Protestant orthodoxy. Celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with this great addition to your library!

Order Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics today.


  1. Benjamen Long says

    I feel like such a “rube” whenever I see ADVERTISEMENTS like this. After spending THOUSANDS on Logos 5, then 6 (Portfolio), and finally the “full features” package for Logs 7, it’s now available for FREE…!!!

    Insulting, absolutely INSULTING.

    • Robert Elmer says

      Thanks for your note, Benjamen, and thanks for using Logos 7. We’re excited to give other Logos 7 users a taste of the many features and resources in Logos 7 Platinum, and hope that during the trial period they’ll discover how powerful it is. Keep in mind that access is for a limited time only (a two-week window), and will revert to a user’s most recently purchased version at the end of the day on November 14—unless they purchase an upgrade. I hope that makes sense. Thanks again!

    • The features are free for two weeks. After that you lose them or pay. You have already paid, you do not lase them. I have logos 6 plus logos now. With now I have mLogos 7 features with the paid subscription, but just the 6 library, yes I have 6 platinum, but the 7 platinum library is much improved. You are not a rube. You also have the features and library now, not waiting till the first, and of course have had and hopefully used the use of the package you bought from when you purchased.

  2. Richard Mitchell says

    I understand what you are saying Robert but I also share Benjamen’s sentiments. It might be more satisfactory if established Logos users with multiple upgrades, from 4 through 7 going forward, were encouraged with free incentives as well.