Build Your Own Systematic Theology

Systematic Theologies are excellent resources for studying any biblical doctrine. They lay out complex theological topics in an intelligible way and contain a wealth of related Scripture references. It can be difficult, however, to know how to study further. Where do you start?

With Logos you can build your own database of references for any biblical doctrine, organize them in helpful ways, and then search that database for specific occurrences.

In this week’s video, I’ll show you how to build a searchable database of scripture references related to the doctrine of the Word of God. We’ll then search this database for places in the Bible where Jesus speaks directly about the Word of God.

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  1. Paul L. White says

    I am using IE 11, and, for me, this video will not load.
    Is there an alternate location where we can watch it? Say, on YouTube?
    Is there any written documentation on it, available for free?
    I’ve been praying for and requesting this feature for years.
    Paul L. White
    Satisfied Logos User since 1.6

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Paul. I’m reaching out to the team about where else you can access the video. I’ll let you know when I hear back. Thanks for checking in!

  2. Wondering if you could make the imbedded video any smaller. On my 200-inch monitor, it takes up too much space.

    Seriously, a link to a visible version would be nice. If one is there, I can’t find it.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Doc B. I’m reaching out to the team to see how we an make sure the videos are legible for all our users. Thanks for reaching out. I’ll let you know if I find out anything that would be helpful for you.

    • Are you unable to use the fullscreen control?

  3. Is this available as a pdf? I don’t do well with videos.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Lana. Unfortunately it’s not available at this time. But we’ll keep your feedback in mind as we plan future training. Thanks for reaching out!