5 Reformation Bundles for at Least 60% Off

We’ve put together five brand new bundles to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. But you only have until Reformation Day, October 31, to take advantage of the 60% discount. Right now, you can get them all for just $99.99 each!

Here’s a rundown of these five new bundles, and why each one belongs in your library:

  • Reformation Day Biographies Collection (13 vols)$252.05  $99.99 – Covering the lives of John Calvin, Martin Luther, Philipp Melancthon, John Knox, and more, this set of resources is the perfect introduction to the lives of the Reformers.
  • Reformation Day Church History Collection (10 vols.)$285.82  $99.99 – Explore the days before Luther until the end of the sixteenth century with this fascinating collection. Spanning over 4,000, these resources provide a detailed picture of the world that gave birth to Reformation.
  • Reformation Day Sermons Collection (14 vols.)$284.86 $99.99 Dig into a treasure trove of sermons from Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry Bullinger. Logos makes its easy to find insights from these giants of the faith to use in your own preaching.


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