3 Reasons to Get Logos 7 Starter for under $200

Deciding how to invest in Logos is all about finding the best base package for your needs. If you’re writing sermons, Gold may be a great fit. If you’re writing dissertations, you may want Platinum.

But no matter what kind of study you want to undertake, a great way to get started with Logos is Logos 7 Starter.

And if you’ve never owned Logos before, you can get Starter for under $200 for the first time ever.

Here are three more reasons to give Starter another look.

1. You want to read your Bible in 3D.

When you’re reading your Bible and come across a location, like the Kidron Valley, chances are you’re not able to picture it (unless you’ve been to Israel).

Logos changes that. Simply click on any place, and in seconds you can pull up any reference to it across your maps and atlases. Logos brings the land of the Bible before your eyes so you can better appreciate what the text is saying.

2. You want to do word studies in seconds.

Understanding the Bible hinges on understanding its words.Understanding the Bible hinges on understanding its words. The main way to do that is to look at how it’s used in all the passages where it appears—out of this study will come linguistic and theological insight you couldn’t get any other way. Logos brings all that knowledge to the forefront in seconds.

With a simple click, Logos provides everything you need for an in-depth word study, giving you a summary of the word plus drop-down menus for further reading. Word studies no longer feel like an extra step; they become a seamless part of Bible reading.  

3. You want to compare translations easily.

Comparing translations is a helpful way to grasp the nuances of the biblical text. It’s like viewing a sculpture from different angles, appreciating each curve and surface.

Doing this with hard-copy Bibles is very time-consuming. Logos solves that problem by displaying whatever versions you choose side-by-side , so that as you scroll through one translation, the others scroll with it. Plus, nearly two dozen Greek or Hebrew interlinear Bibles come with Starter, opening up your options for study in the original languages.


There has never been a better time to try Logos. If you’ve never owned Logos before, get started today with Starter—it’s more affordable than ever.

Get Logos 7 Starter now.


  1. I have Logos 6, Clergy library. If I obtain Logos 7 will I lose my library?. I desire the Gold but it is to expensive for me at this point.
    Love in Christ Jesus

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Duane. We will never replace your library. When you upgrade, the new books will be added to your current library. You won’t lose a thing.