Get an N.T. Wright Collection & 100+ Other Books for under $200

If you’ve never purchased Logos before, through the end of the month you can get any version of Logos 7 Starter (Standard, Anglican, Baptist, and more) for under $200. It’s the first time Logos 7 Starter has ever been offered at this low a price.

But why would you choose a specific library (let’s say Anglican) over a Standard package? There’s a very good reason, as many first-time buyers are discovering.

Take N.T. Wright’s 18-volume New Testament for Everyone series—popular in a wide variety of denominational circles. That collection alone has a regular price of $199.99.

But The New Testament for Everyone series comes in the Starter Anglican base package, along with dozens of other excellent resources, including Goldingay’s Old Testament for Everyone series (separately: $139.99), the 7-volume John Stott collection (separately: $79.99), and the Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible (separately: $79.99).

And if you’re a church history buff, you should definitely take a look at Logos 7 Anglican Starter. It includes numerous church history and historical theology resources, along with volumes on the church fathers and liturgy. And of course Bible commentaries, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. If you had to build this library book-by-book, you’d pay over $4,787.

But right now you can get all 128 books in Logos 7 Anglican Starter for just $194.99. That’s less than the price of N.T. Wright’s New Testament for Everyone series on its own! And if you decide to upgrade to another version of Logos 7 later, Dynamic Pricing means you won’t pay for the same resource twice.

Doing the math will only take a moment. But this offer is for first-time Logos buyers only, and it’s only around through October 31.

Get Logos 7 Anglican Starter now.


  1. I would read these writings only with a grain of salt. See

  2. John Shumate says:

    One should read all theologians and biblical writers with caution, including John MacArthur. They are all men and women who attempt to bring the truth of God’s word to light. We all see through glass dimly today.