Final Call: Get 3 NIV Application Commentaries for Under $5

NIV Application Commentary: Mark

There are only a few days left to add The NIV Application Commentary: Mark to your Logos library for free. At the same time, get two additional volumes in this series (Job and 1 Peter) for under $5—but only through the end of the month.

Get all three today.

3 easy ways to fill out your library

The Free Book of the Month offer is a simple way to add resources to your Logos library, without spending a lot of cash:

  • The NIV Application Commentary: Mark showcases the importance of beginnings. While dwelling on life’s endings may lead to discontent, the Gospel of Mark’s focus on beginnings restores hope as the queen of virtues. Get this commentary now, free.
  • The NIV Commentary: Job reminds us that the biblical account isn’t just about one man. It’s about all of us, and ultimately about God. Add this commentary for $1.99.
  • The NIV Application Commentary: 1 Peter explains not only what Peter said to his first-century audience, but also how to apply his teaching to our lives today. Add this third commentary for $2.99.

Only a few more days to act

While you’re at it, enter to win the 9-volume Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: New Testament and Old Testament (a $327.99 value). And don’t forget: September ends on the 30th.

Visit the Free Book of the Month page to get all three titles and enter to win this month’s giveaway.