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Take advantage of exceptional bundled values on study resources from Baker Book House during this year’s Logos Back-to-School sale. You’ll save on the Academic New Testament Backgrounds collection, the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary, and many other resources that shine light on God’s Word.

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Logos editions will elevate usability to a level you won’t find in traditional print libraries. Scripture passages link directly to your English translations and to original language texts, while theological concepts link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other resources in your digital library. Search by topic to find what other authors, scholars, and theologians have to say.

Collections to boost your scholarship

The Baker Gospel Studies Collection brings together 25 commentaries, exegetical works, and background studies by top New Testament scholars.

  • Learn the historical and cultural context of the Gospels.
  • Dive deeper with verse-by-verse commentaries.
  • Strengthen your understanding of the Bible’s credibility.

(40% off price: $356.39. Savings: $237.60)

The Baker Academic New Testament Backgrounds collection delivers 27 volumes from New Testament, Greek, and Judaic scholars, including Craig S. Keener, Michael F. Bird, Graham H. Twelftree, Ben Witherington III, and Bruce Metzger. Learn more about the cultural, social, and religious fabric of the Greco-Roman world. (40% off price: $398.39. Savings: $265.60)

The Baker Academic Old Testament Backgrounds includes 18 volumes of research on Old Testament cultural context, with topics from archaeology to sociology. Discover the ancient world and its influence on Scripture. (40% off price: $266.39. Savings: $177.60)

The 12-volume Baker Academic Bible Interpretation Collection draws together hundreds of contributors to help you interpret the Bible. It introduces methods, terms, and concepts used by exegetes, and offers a guide to inductive Bible study. (40% off price: $191.99. Savings: $128)

Baker’s Quick Reference Counseling Collection provides six volumes on contemporary issues, including marriage, relationships, sexuality, and finances. As a pastor, counselor, or layperson, you’ll find what you need to help guide others through challenges. (40% off price: $77.39. Savings: $51.60)

The 12-volume Baker’s New Testament Commentary offers fresh translation, repetition of the text before each exegetical unit, chapter summaries, verse-by-verse comments and applications, and critical notes on the Greek text. (40% off price: $119.99. Savings: $80)


Whether you save 20% or 40%, you’ll find here the resources you need to deepen your study of the Bible. Claim your Back-to-School discount today.