This Is Why You Should Study the Apocrypha Alongside the New Testament

Most Christians know that the cultural and religious context of the first-century world should shape how we read the New Testament. And just a few verses into Matthew we’re faced with the immense importance of the Old Testament. But far too often something that doesn’t appear on our radar is the literature that lies between the Testaments: the Apocrypha.

Although it’s unfamiliar to many Protestants, the Apocrypha is essential reading, according to Dr. David A. deSilva. In BI291 The Apocrypha: Witness between the Testaments deSilva homes in on why he believes a grasp of this literature is fundamental for the study of Scripture:

“Teaching at a Protestant seminary as I do, I often get asked by students, sometimes even colleagues, why I’m so interested in the Apocrypha when I am a New Testament professor. I tell them that the Apocrypha is essential reading to understanding the world out of which the early church grew. At the very least, this body of literature deserves our attention, our close study, so that we can understand what was happening in Judaism when Christianity was at its most formative stage.”

In his earnest and clear style, deSilva sketches an introduction to this fascinating body of literature. He highlights each book’s content and central themes, illustrating its connection to Scripture so you can incorporate those insights in your study of the New Testament. You’ll discover how these books not only shaped the world Jesus lived in and informed the authors of the New Testament, but also how they influenced the thoughts and decisions of the early church fathers.

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