2 Days Left: Save on Logos 7, Commentaries & More

The biggest deal of the summer is going away in just two days. That means this is your last chance to get a great deal on Logos 7. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade, wait no longer: come Thursday, Logos base packages will be back to regular price.

Here’s a roundup of the summer deals you don’t want to miss.

Get 10% off Logos 7 + Dynamic Pricing

When you pick up a Logos 7 base package, you only pay for what’s new to you. Combine that with 10% off the regular price, and your upgrade to Logos 7 is significantly cheaper now than it will be if you wait even just a few days. Here’s the most you’d pay to upgrade to Logos 7 Bronze:

  • Logos 6 Platinum owners pay no more than $216.78 (65% off!)
  • Logos 6 Gold owners pay no more than $220.42 (65% off!)
  • Logos 6 Bronze owners pay no more than $311.62 (50% off!)

Depending on what resources you have in your Logos library, you could pay even less. Everybody’s Dynamic Price is different, so check out your custom price on Logos 7 Bronze now.

Already own Logos 7? Level-up and save. Check out your Dynamic Price on a personalized base package recommendation.

Build a bundle, save a bundle

Revitalize your Bible study with great deals on commentaries and Mobile Ed courses in the Logos Summer Sale. The more you buy, the more you save: up to 50% off. Choose from volumes in the Interpretation, Holman New Testament, and College Press NIV commentary series. Plus, pick out book studies from Mobile Ed.

Stock up on commentaries and courses while you still can.


Bonus: Buy a base package and get $10 for every $100 you spend in the summer sale! Learn more.