How to Get a Free Download of Logos Bible Software

logos bible software free download

There are lots of different resources to help you study the Bible, from commentaries and concordances to devotionals and dictionaries. But by far the most powerful is Bible software. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a free Bible software download?

You can. For over 25 years, Logos Bible Software has been the preferred way pastors, theologians, and other serious students of the Word have dug into Scripture.

Now, thanks to Logos 7 Basic, you can get a free download of Logos Bible Software.

Logos 7 Basic lays a solid foundation for in-depth, digital Bible study. Though it doesn’t include all the bells and whistles of Logos 7 base packages, it provides essential tools and resources to get you started. If you’ve ever been curious about Logos or Bible software in general but have been waiting to try it, Logos 7 Basic is for you.

Why you should download Logos 7 Basic

Logos Bible Software free downloadOne of the open secrets to understanding Scripture is seeing the connections. How does the cultural context impact this passage? How can other literature from the same era shape our understanding? Where else does Paul use this word, and how should that affect the way we interpret it here?

Understanding how things like theology, culture, language, and genre connect to the passage you’re studying opens new pathways to deeper understanding.

Logos helps you see those connections—faster. We’ve gone through the entire Bible—in Greek, Hebrew, and English—and tagged every single word with essential information. We’ve tracked biblical themes and people and places and things and connected them to the passages in trusted biblical resources that explore them.

We’ve done all that work for you so you can open a passage like Ephesians 1 and instantly see background information, cross-references, media, excerpts from commentaries, and lots more, all in one place. You can search your entire library for a word or concept, and find just what you need. You can compare multiple Bible translations and scroll them all in sync.

Get your Logos Bible Software free download now

Logos 7 Basic is the perfect tool for getting started with this kind of study. It includes a library of 17 Bible study resource and a sampling of interactive tools that provide an introduction to using Bible software. There’s even a built-in training course that’s perfect both for learning to use Logos and for a crash course in inductive Bible study.

And because it’s completely free‚—with no obligation and no strings attached—now’s the perfect time to get started.

Get your Logos Bible Software free download now.