Get 10% off Logos 7 This Summer, Plus Build a Bundle & Save

Make your summer count with savings that keep adding up. During the Logos Summer Sale, you can get up to 50% off your own personal Bible study bundle. Save on Logos 7 base packages, commentaries, and Mobile Ed courses.

Build a bundle, save a bundle

Stock up on commentaries and Mobile Ed courses this summer: the more you buy, the more you save. Get individual volumes from the Interpretation Commentary, Holman New Testament Commentary, and the College Press NIV Commentary.

Plus, you can save big on some of our most popular Mobile Ed book studies. These video courses taught by scholars like Craig Blomberg and Daniel Block give you a bird’s-eye view of a biblical book, then guide you chapter-by-chapter through its content. Deepen your Bible study with fascinating video lectures, additional reading drawn from your library, reflection questions, study activities you can do right inside Logos, and more. And since the transcripts are completely searchable inside Logos, you don’t just get a riveting learning experience, you add a comprehensive biblical commentary to your Logos library.

Stock up on commentaries and Mobile Ed courses now.

Get 10% off Logos 7

Logos base packages already come with built-in savings; you can save nearly 90% compared to the cost of purchasing a theological library book by book.

Plus, we rebuilt Logos 7 libraries from the ground up to include some of the most authoritative, contemporary biblical resources out there:

And of course, we give you a custom discount based on the resources already in your Logos library. So if you already own a Logos base package, you’ll likely save much more than 10%.

See your custom price on a recommended base package.

Bonus: Get a coupon code and free training

Get a base package and for every $100 you spend in the Summer Sale, you’ll get an exclusive coupon code for $10 off your next purchase. Be sure to stock up on commentaries and Mobile Ed courses to get the best value!

Plus, everyone who purchases a Logos 7 base package before July 19 will be invited to an exclusive live training webinar with one of our Logos Pros. Learn how to make the most of the newest Logos features with one of our in-house experts. Ask your questions live throughout the webinar, and get answers straight from the Pros.

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Don’t miss your chance to save on Logos 7 and a slew of Bible study resources. The Logos Summer Sale ends on July 19. Stock up now.