This Month Only: Get 3 Books on Grace for under $3

daniel bush

Throughout May we’re giving away free downloads of Dan Bush’s riveting and freeing exploration of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Live in Liberty: The Spiritual Message of Galatians invites you to experience God’s presence and everlasting peace, so you can be free to love and be loved. Authors Daniel Bush and Noel Due draw out the spiritual significance of Galatians and it’s message of God’s liberating presence in everyday life.

Rediscover what it means to be God’s child

Get this month’s free book, and you can add Embracing God as Father for just $.99! In this theologically rich and deeply personal book, Daniel Bush and Noel S. Due show us the loving heart of the Father toward his children. Embracing God as Father helps us see God as he truly is and who we are as his sons and daughters.

Get both books for $.99.

Add a third book for $1.99

When facing the deep realities of the human condition, we often turn to Scripture and the power of the gospel. It confronts us with the truth of God’s grace. This rich collection of thoughtful sermons from the late John Webster is challenging, stimulating, and inspiring. Superbly written and thoroughly accessible, Confronted by Grace points us toward Christ so we may grow in our understanding of the truth of the gospel.

Get all three books for under $3!


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  1. Clyde Grimes says

    I believe the title should read: “This Month Only: Get 3 books on Grace for under $3”

  2. Thomas Babu says

    Praise the Lord it is very helpful in my daily spiritual growth.

  3. Barbara Thomas says

    Always desiring more Spiritual Information.

    Thank you Logos!

    You’re the best Logos.

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