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When it comes to the Bible, we can’t give in to fuzzy logic. We need the courage to have conviction; we can’t shy away from the perplexing passages or tough topics.

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Tough Topics Bundle

Come to your own convictions on doctrines and passages that have challenged theologians over the centuries. Michael Heiser, Peter Leithart, and other scholars will help you understand the book of Revelation, the relationship between Law and Gospel, the New Perspective on Paul, and more.

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Dr. Michael Heiser on the End Times

Understand the assumptions inherent in various interpretations of end-times events and analyze several options for interpreting each passage. Dr. Heiser’s thoughtful and bold analysis will help you know why you believe what you believe.

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Perspectives on the Trinity

It’s one of the most current debates in contemporary theology: Is God the Son subordinate to God the Father in eternity, or not? Watch Drs. Wayne Grudem, Millard Erickson, Fred Sanders, Bruce Ware, and Kevin Giles make a case for their conclusions, then come to your own.

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