Make Sense of the End Times with Dozens of Eschatology Resources

Few theological topics are as convoluted as eschatology. From the striking imagery in the book of Daniel to the triumphant return of Christ depicted in Revelation, biblical passages on the end times at once make us drop our jaws in awe—and scratch our heads in confusion.

To make matters worse, cvhurch history is littered with eschatology that is speculative, bizarre, and downright heretical. At times, there seems to be as many interpretations as there are interpreters.

To help you cut through the end times confusion, we’ve pulled together a diverse selection of resources on eschatology, heaven, and hell. Featuring a range of theological viewpoints, these commentaries, Mobile Ed courses, and topical studies will help you make sense of challenging biblical passages, come to your own conclusions, and develop strong arguments built on Scripture. And for the next week, you can get them for up to 53% off. Check out the complete selection.

Here are just three featured resources to help you make sense of the end times. Get them before April 24 to save.

Why Do Christians Disagree about the End Times?

Why do Christians disagree over interpretations of the end times? If you’ve ever wondered this, or if you’re struggling to understand a fellow Christian’s point-of-view, this course will give you the insight you desire. Dr. Michael Heiser unpacks tough passages with faithfulness and wisdom, guiding you through the assumptions of various end-times viewpoints, and introducing you to several options for interpreting each passage. Dr. Heiser focuses on the importance of being able to understand various points of view and gives you tools to support why you believe what you believe.

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New American Commentary: Revelation

Do you have the guts to preach through the book of Revelation? In the introduction to his commentary, L. Paige Patterson says few preachers are willing to tackle this book in the pulpit. But as a result, they rob their congregations of its spiritual riches.

“Few homiletical adventurers have evidenced the moxie to enter the eschatological lists and take on this book in the pulpit. This remains the case even though curiosity abounds in many congregations where parishioners fervently wish that their respective pastors would explain the book to them. Among those who embark on this adventure, most sail no further than the message to the seven churches . . . thus missing the grandeur of the promises that proliferate in chapters 4–22.”

Undertake a sermon series on Revelation with L. Paige Patterson as your guide. Get his commentary for more than 30% off!

Studies in Dispensationalism (2 courses)

“Dispensationalism is important for everyone to understand, whether you’re a dispensationalist or not,” says Dr. Carl Sanders. It “has shaped much of evangelical history and culture and is worth understanding for that reason alone.” Join Dr. Sanders as he explores the history and theology of dispensationalism and how it has impacted our culture in more ways than we realize.

Dr. Sanders is known for his down-to-earth presentation and ability to address theological differences fairly. As both a professor and minister in diverse urban congregations, Dr. Sanders brings together a high degree of scholarship and a practical approach. You’re invited to think critically about who God is, what Scripture teaches, and how that can inform us in our daily lives.

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