A Handy Way to Access Your Favorite Study Bibles in Logos

A Logos user recently emailed the following scenario to me:

I use several study Bibles in my biblical research. What’s the best way to add them as a group to a custom Guide?

Excellent question! And below are the steps to accomplish what he wants.

First, create a Collection of study Bibles:

  • Choose Tools | Collections
  • Name the Collection something like Study Bibles (A)
  • Place this in the Rule box: type:notes (B)
  • Notice the study Bibles are placed in the Resulting Collection list (C)
  • Close the Collections panel

Next, add the study Bibles to a custom Guide:

  • Choose Guides | Make a new guide template (D) (please note if you already have a custom Guide then right click on the Guide (E) and select Edit guide template (F))

  • Name the Guide anything you like such as My Guide (G)
  • Select Bible reference from the Template type drop down list (H)
  • Select Commentaries from the Individual Sections on the left (I)
  • Select Study Bibles from the Collection drop down list on the right (J)
  • Close the Guide editor (K)

Now, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor:

  • Choose Guides |”Your Custom Guide”
  • Type a reference in the box such as John 1:1 (L)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the report
  • Notice all of your study Bibles in one section in the Guide (M)
  • Click a study Bible(N) to open it right to your passage. (O)

For more detailed information about custom Guides, please check out the Logos 7 Bible Software Training Manual Bundle available in both print and digital formats.

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Morris Proctor is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.



  1. Wayne Donald Baker says

    I will attempt this. It should work for all your Bibles, study Bibles, and any area you are working, including (though I am not a pastor) series Sermons a pastor is working on, or study Bible Books ie our Sunday School, adult, just finished end times, now studying James.

  2. Joshua Lieder says

    ..why all this programming and steps? Shouldn’t it be a one click, compare all my Bibles in one step easy?

  3. Wayne Donald Baker says

    Study bibles are the notes and guides that are added to bibles. The Evidence Study Bible, in Logos is the evangelical notes added to the bible to help one when witnessing. The Archaeological Study Bible, though they do not have this yet, (I think they lack it anyways), would have the Archaeological notes. These then can be used with just about any Bible. However, the idea is one has many resources in Logos, this is one way to narrow the search to a select group, customized by you, to speed up the search and limit the mass results you can get. Once done, it is just a couple clicks to use the limited resources. You can get the results from all your resources with the same few clicks as from this limited resource, but it could be a significant number of responses to check, and some you may not find to helpful.