Douglas Moo Is the LMM 2017 Champion!

The moment to crown the Logos March Madness 2017 champion has arrived. This year, the accolades go to celebrated New Testament scholar Douglas Moo! He stood his ground in six rounds of fierce competition against some of the most influential scholars in church history and has emerged victorious.

That means that as of today you can save 70% on a dozen of his most popular works.

Here are just three of Moo’s resources that you need to snatch up before LMM deals expire on April 14.

The New International Commentary on the New Testament: The Epistle to the Romans

One of the most important commentaries on Romans ever written, this volume contributes to the continuing debate regarding Paul’s teaching on Jewish law and the relationship between Jews and Gentiles in the people of God.

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NT331 Book Study: Paul’s Letter to the Romans

You could study a book by one of the world’s foremost experts on Romans . . . or you could go straight from the man himself. This Mobile Ed course will deepen your understanding of Paul’s epistle with engaging video lectures by Moo, interactive activities for deeper learning, and links to Logos tools that help you leverage the power of your base package to understand Scripture.

Learn Romans with Dr. Moo now.

NT305 New Testament Theology

This expansive course looks at key concepts that emerge from the different books of the New Testament, and explains the overall message God has for the church. Dr. Moo examines the diversity of the New Testament writings, stressing the importance of reading each book in its own context, as well as the unity that arises from their divine inspiration.

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There are nine other resource from Dr. Moo available for 70% off for a limited time! This is an unprecedented opportunity to learn from this celebrated scholar. And don’t miss your chance to take advantage of all our LMM deals. Shop the sale now!