The Commentary That Bridges the Gap Between Depth & Application

Bible commentaries often focus on one type of learner or the other. Pastoral commentaries provide just a brief overview of the background of the biblical text, focusing instead on practical application. Scholarly commentaries, on the other hand, dive deep into exegetical and linguistic matters, offering historical and critical observations along the way. Both have their advantages, but what if you want the best of both worlds?

The Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary spans the gap between accessibility and depth in their new commentary series covering the Old and New Testaments. Edited by top scholars in their fields, the Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary series provides helpful introductions, exposition that meets the needs of students and pastors, and images that brings the reader into the life of scripture. Writers such as Ben Witherington III and Walter Brueggemann provide their expertise on the biblical text and show what the Word has to say to the world today.

Logos Bible Software makes studying with this set even better, allowing you to quickly and easily find the information that you’re looking for on any given passage in the Bible. Ben Witherington III’s comments on Matthew 5–7 are brought to you instantly when you do a search on that section of scripture. From there, you can view the images from the commentary, run original language analysis on the passage, and search your library by keywords that the author of the Gospel of Matthew uses.

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