3 Insane Deals from Logos March Madness

The dust has settled and Douglas Moo has been crowned the 2017 Logos March Madness champion. But LMM isn’t just about recognizing the theological greats.

It’s also about getting crazy-good deals on biblical and theological resources.

For every round of Logos March Madness, savings on works by eliminated authors kept going up, from 30 all the way to 70% off.

That means that some of the hands-down best deals of the entire year are available right now on Logos.com. If you think you’re going to need a new commentary set, or some reading for summer vacation, or are ready to dive deep into a major theological topic sometime in the next year, now is the time to stock up. All Logos March Madness deals are still live, but not for long.

On April 14, all the discounts go away—and your chance to get some of the best deals of the year will be gone.

Here are just three of the BIG deals that aren’t likely to come around again any time soon.

Doug Moo on Romans

Douglas Moo, our Logos March Madness 2017 champ, is universally recognized as your go-to guy for all things Romans. His commentaries in the NIV Application Commentary and the New International Commentary on the New Testament are both considered essential resources on Paul’s most important epistle. And both are available for 70% off!

The only thing better than studying Moo’s commentaries on Romans would be sitting in on a seminary class taught by the man himself. We have the next best thing: Moo’s Mobile Ed course on Romans!

Since this course is fully integrated with Logos Bible Software, you’re not just getting a handful of lectures and a reading list. You’re getting dozens of lecture segments, and the complete, fully searchable transcripts. That means you can refer to Moo’s thoughts again and again alongside your other commentaries on Romans every time you study Paul’s letter.

Plus, Mobile Ed lets you put what your learning into practice with activities, reflection questions, further reading, and deep links to Logos tools and resources to help you continue studying on your own. This really is the next best thing to taking a class with Douglas Moo, and this really is a deal that is unlikely to come back for a very long while.

Get Moo’s Mobile Ed course on Romans for 70% off while you still can.

Tim Keller on apologetics, marriage, and more

If you were to ask around the Faithlife office early in Logos March Madness, you would think Keller was a shoo-in for this year’s competition. The New York City pastor advanced swiftly through the first few rounds, but came up short in the end.

But he still made it far enough to secure 45% his most popular books.

If you’re a Keller fan but have been holding off on getting the Logos editions of his works, this is the time to make your move. All of the essential Keller resources are here—The Reason for God, Prodigal God, Generous Justice, The Meaning of Marriage, and all the rest—and each one is priced at or near $10 each.

The great thing about Keller resources is that they aren’t just perfect for your evening reading, they’re also ideal to pull from as you prepare sermons, Sunday school lessons, and Bible studies. Keller’s books are packed cover to cover with stories and examples that pop off the page. And when you have these books in Logos, finding that passage again is easy. Plus, you can still read them right in your Logos app on your phone or tablet.

Check out all of Tim Keller’s Logos March Madness deals.

Don Carson and N.T. Wright: the LMM overachievers

These two scholars are so popular we made them hang up their jerseys and enter the LMM hall of fame just to give the rest of the authors a shot. But to commemorate their victories in years past, we put together special, limited-edition bundles of some of their most popular titles . . . and slashed the price for each by 45%.

These Hall of Fame bundles won’t even exist after April 30, so if you think you might want to add some Carson and Wright to your library, you should move quick.

Carson’s bundle comprises 30 volumes of commentaries, theology, devotionals, and more. And if you’re anything like most Logos customers, you probably already own a few of them. We’ll give you a special discount based on the ones you already own, dropping the price down even lower. Check out your custom price on this limited-time bundle now.

Wright’s bundle includes more than 50 resources, including his landmark works on the New Perspective on Paul, the Resurrection, and the historical Jesus. Like Carson’t bundle, this one is limited-time and Dynamically Priced. So check out all the titles included and get yours while you still can.


Those aren’t the only deals in Logos March Madness. Far from it. Go see them all, but hurry. Your chance to get some of the lowest prices of the year on these biblical and theological resources disappears on April 30.