How to Hear the Greek Text Read Aloud in Logos

In a recent blog I wrote about the pronunciation of biblical names. In response, someone asked this question:

Where in Logos can one hear how Greek words are pronounced?

So just in case you didn’t know, I’ll show you where to go to hear various Greek texts read aloud by Faithlife’s own Dr. John Schwandt, Executive Director of Mobile Education.

Editor’s Note: The read-aloud functionality below requires The Greek Audio New Testament, which is available to add to your Logos base package here.. If you have the Logos 7 Full Feature set (also included in most older Logos base packages), you also have access to individual Greek word pronunciation; for a short demo, see this informal video.

  • Open a Greek Bible such as: (A)
    • The Greek New Testament, Fifth Revised Edition (with Morphology)
    • The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition (with Morphology)
    • The Greek New Testament: SBL Edition
    • The Lexham Greek-English Interlinear New Testament: SBL Edition
    • Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 28th Edition
    • The New Testament in Greek (Scrivener 1881)
    • The New Testament in the Original Greek (Westcott and Hort)
    • The New Testament in the Original Greek: Byzantine Textform 2005
  • Navigate to your desired passage (B)
  • Choose the panel menu on the Bible (C)
  • Select Show word by word indicator (D)
  • Choose the panel menu on the Bible again (C)
  • Select Read aloud Greek audio New Testament (John Schwandt) (E)

  • Sit back and enjoy the Greek text read to you and notice the:
    • blue circle indicator on each word as it’s read (F)
    • control buttons in the upper right of the program (G)

Obviously this is a high end feature, but if you’re a current Greek student or someone wanting to refresh some rusty Greek, then this is a great tool for you!

For more detailed information about Logos 7 features, please check out the Logos 7 Bible Software Training Manual Bundle available in both print and digital formats.

Also, for an exciting and quick way to learn the software, attend an upcoming Camp Logos in Baltimore/Columbia, MD May 2 – May 4 or Camp Logos Colorado Springs, CO May 22 -24!

Morris Proctor
is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.


  1. I am a Logos Now member, but I do not seen this capability when I tried to use several of the Bible mentioned above. In every case the panel menu does not have the two commands you mentioned (Read Aloud Greek Audio and the Show word by word indicator). Am I missing something? Also, what about the Hebrew?

  2. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I open the panel menu I see neither “Show word by word indicator” nor “Read aloud Greek audio New Testament (John Schwandt)”

    FYI I’m using Verbum Now

  3. Ross F Downes says

    This looks like a great feature. How come I cannot make it work. How come that the key menu items are missing from my version?

    What level of ownership is required to be able to use this?

  4. As of March 20, 2017, it doesn’t work with the SBL Greek New Testament

  5. Who is this feature available to?

  6. Wanxing Xu says

    I didn’t see “Show word by word indicator (D)” or “Read aloud Greek audio New Testament (John Schwandt) (E)” in the panel menu. Why?

  7. Marco Ceccarelli says

    In my logos 7 does not appear “word by word indicator” nor “read aloud” in any of my panel menu. If I press Control+R nothing happen. What is wrong?

  8. I can’t get the word by word feature to tick. I’ve tried SBl, NA28 and UBS5. Any thoughts?

  9. But when will you be able to read it on your Android phone?

    • Greek pronunciation already works on Android. Look in the Bible Word Study guide! There are actually two ways to access Greek audio in Logos: a single-word pronunciation, and the “read-aloud” audiobible featured in this post. Greek lemma pronunciation has been part of base packages for years (and Logos 7 now also includes Hebrew audio pronunciation!) but the Greek Audio Bible is an add-on product ( Check out this quick video I made to show how to use both:

  10. Duff Browne says

    It would be wonderful if Morris would give a little caveat like “this only works for those who have XXX.” and then we would know if we need Logos Now so that we have the latest little features, or we need Gold or Platinum or Diamond…
    I see none of the aforementioned features in my current program. What do we need to have this feature enabled?

  11. I do not seem to have this feature though I have L7 as well as Logos Now. Can you help with that please?

  12. Though I have L7 and Logos Now, my Logos does not display the word by word indicator. Can you help please?

  13. Ross F Downes says

    At first glance, I thought that this would be wonderful. I tried it and soon discovered, (as usual) that all this ‘good stuff’ is at a far higher level of component features ownership than I have on my computer.

    I cannot begin to adequately express how frustrating I find this issue, and especially, how often it happens.

    Of course, when I read the small print, I discover that it does actually tell me that a high level of ownership is required, but it is never obvious until you try to use it; can’t; and then go looking for small detail.

  14. This was a terribly written bait-and-switch article, with no clarity about the additional purchase necessary (look at the comments if you don’t think so!!).

    Shame on you, Mo and Logos.