How to Close All Panels at Once Inside Logos


Logos Bible Software 7.5 recently released and it contains a small but powerful new icon that’s easy to miss unless you’re looking for it.

In the upper right of the program, between the Layouts menu and the Help icon, you’ll now see an X icon which executes the command Close All. (A)

Editor’s Note: This functionality is a free update and is available to all Logos users.


When clicked, this icon closes all open panels AND reopens the Home Page. So it’s really Close All and Open Home.

If you would prefer not to reopen the Home Page when you click Close All then here’s all you have to do:

  • Choose Tools | Program Settings
  • Click the At Startup Open to drop down list (B)
  • Select anything other than Home (C)

Now when you click Close All, the Home Page will not reopen. Of course, anytime you want to open the Home Page, just click the Home icon in the upper left of the program. (D)


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  1. Logos Bible software is my all time favorite investment as I travel on my already but not yet journey to the Ultimate Kingdom. Morris Proctor is my favorite teacher of the software not only as a person very knowledgeable of the software, but as a person totally committed to the Bible and Christ.

  2. Loretta Stevens says

    I already created a shortcut that does this, “C”, it closes every open panel/window of the current layout I am working in and takes me to the home screen. It is located on the tool bar(not sure if that is the correct name) next to the command dialog box. I have created shortcuts to my layouts and bibles that I use daily. Is this “close command” different than what I am currently using?