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On Easter, Jesus struck a staggering blow. Death is on its last legs, breathing its last rasping breaths. With all of creation, we await the day it stumbles into its grave at last and Jesus ushers in the renewed creation.

But the resurrection didn’t just change history, it shapes our everyday. We don’t live under the dominion of death; as believers, we have tasted the future of resurrection. Ours is a risen existence.

Prepare your heart for Easter

To help you prepare your heart for Easter, we’re giving away free downloads of Paula Gooder’s devotional, This Risen Existence: The Spirit of Easter. Go on a biblical exploration of the resurrection accounts in each of the Gospels and in Paul’s writings, as well as the account of the Ascension and coming of the Spirit at Pentecost in Acts.

Arranged for daily reading through the seven weeks of Eastertide, the book will lead you on an exciting journey of discovery through the New Testament narratives in a quest to discover what resurrection tells us about life after death, the end times, and what it actually means to be a Christian.

We’re giving this devotional away throughout March—which means, as of this writing, you only have four days left to secure your copy. Renew your appreciation of the everyday power of Easter. Get your free devotional while you still can!


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