Learn How to Pronounce Difficult Biblical Names


I learned a long time ago as a young preacher to diligently practice in my study reading aloud the biblical text for my sermon. While this guideline is relevant for all passages, it’s especially true for texts containing biblical names. It’s quite embarrassing for this preacher from Tennessee to get in the pulpit and stumble over long and unfamiliar names!

Well in case you didn’t know, Logos 7 contains a couple of ways to hear biblical names pronounced: Read Aloud with a professional reader and the Factbook.

To hear the Bible read aloud:

  • Open the ESV or LEB (these 2 Bibles contain a professional reader) (A)
  • Navigate to the passage you’re studying such as Luke 3:23 (B)
  • Choose the panel menu on the Bible (C)
  • Select the professional reader from the Read Aloud drop down list (D)
  • Click Read Aloud on the panel menu (E)

  • Notice the audio controls at the top of the program (F)
  • Enjoy the word of God read to you!

To hear biblical names pronounced:

  • Open a Bible containing the interlinear option such as the ESV, LEB, NASB, or NKJV (G)
  • Navigate to a passage containing biblical names such as Isaiah 8:1 (H)
  • Right click on the name of a person or a word referring to a person such as Maher-shalal-hash-baz (I)
  • Select from the right side of the Context menu the Person (J)
  • Select from the left side of the Context menu Factbook (K)

  • Click the speaker icon next to the name at the top of the report (L)
  • Enjoy listen to the name pronounced!

For more detailed information about Logos 7 features, be sure to check out the Logos 7 Bible Software Training Manual Bundle available in both print and digital formats.

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Morris Proctor
is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.



  1. Daryl Hairston says

    This should be a feature with any version. Logos 7 should be a free upgrade to whatever package you already have.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Daryl. The features described in this article are available in older versions of Logos as well. While it would be wonderful to provide Logos free to everyone, employing a large team of developers and undertaking the in-depth research we use to create our tools, features, and resources is costly. That being said, we’ve created a new, free version of Logos 7 for the first time. It’s called Logos 7 Basic. If you’re a current Logos user, Basic will add new books and features to the ones you already enjoy. It’s a great way to get a taste of what’s included in 7. Check it out.

  2. Frank Winter says

    Where in Logos can one hear how Greek words are pronounced ?

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Frank.

      Here’s a simple way to do that from your English Bible. Right click on a word in your English Bible and find the Greek word on the right-hand side of the menu that appears. Select the word, then find “pronounce” on the left-hand side. Click it, and you’ll hear the pronunciation.

      Screenshot: https://blog.logos.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Screen-Shot-2017-03-02-at-10.57.57-AM.png

      • Frank Winter says

        Hi Tyler,
        Thank you for that very clear explanation. At 82 I find things move a bit too fast for me but with the Comforter at my side I am able to step outside my “comfort zone “. Thank you once again and may God bless you abundantly in your searching of His word. Regards Frank Winter. U K .

  3. David Hughes says

    How can I alter the audio to portray Australian pronunciation?

  4. Joe Griffin says

    For me, the easiest way is using the information tool. Just go to the command bar and type show information and then drag that to the shortcut bar on top of the screen. I usually have this open in a small window on the right of my screen and it gives me definitions of words, brief narratives, many other links too and for most words of any language a pronunciation. You can hover over a word or click on it but I choose to click on it. Enjoy this little tool.

  5. Let me try this again. Second post: I have found that using the show information provides me with a quick way to define words, pronounce names and also shows many other links too. Check it out by going to the command box and typing in show information and then drag it to your shortcut bar on top. I normally have it open with any study I am doing over on the right side of my screen in a tall narrow window.

  6. Joshua Lieder says

    This offers some really great tips. I just wish the speak this aloud functionality was built in to Logos and easier to use or get to.