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blogimage620x324-1What does it mean for modern Christians to drop everything, take up their cross, and follow Jesus? In Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Christian Discipleship, this month’s free book, New Testament scholar N.T. Wright explores these and other insightful questions.

As Wright explains in his preface:

The longer you look at Jesus, the more you will want to serve him in his world. That is, of course, if it’s the real Jesus you’re looking at. Plenty of people in the church and outside it have made up a ‘Jesus’ for themselves, and have found that this invented character makes few real demands on them. He makes them feel happy from time to time, but doesn’t challenge them, doesn’t suggest they get up and do something about the plight of the world. Which is, of course, what the real Jesus had an uncomfortable habit of doing.

Writing in the winsome and engaging style that has made him one of modern Christianity’s most celebrated authors, Wright brings us face to face with the real Jesus—and the demands he makes of his followers. Along the way Wright demonstrates that although the path of discipleship traverses rocky terrain, its destination is immeasurable joy.

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In Who Was Jesus?, Wright answers some of the most common questions swirling around the historicity of the gospels and the life of Christ. As a New Testament scholar universally respected within academia, Wright is uniquely qualified to offer reasoned, clear, and encouraging answers to the sometimes troubling questions raised by historical-critical scholarship.

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  1. Michael Nathan says

    I love logos software but everywhere I look I see the unbiblical teacher N. T. Wright being publicized. May God awaken the people at logos to the dangers of promoting this man’s writings.

  2. I too don’t agree with much of the writing this author puts out, BUT I also believe we need to stay up on what’s out there and who is writing what. Stretch your mind brother with all due respect. In order for us to combat we must know what’s being written.

  3. luke kefoord says

    in what way do you think that NT WRIGHT IS A Heretic please explain and give some examples

  4. ITS the SAME for WILLIAM BARCLAY who denied miracles etc – and was a Universalist.
    Check RC Sproul’s book KNOWING SCRIPTURE for clarity on bad authors.

    Barth denied that there is any life after death, either blessing or punishment.
    One HAS TO BE a BEREAN today – Logos sells a LOT of un-necessary books
    that can lead people astray – Like Roger Olson – but, James White on U Tube really
    exposes his bad theology.

    Being a Reformed guy and reading Reformed is best – LIGONIER is tops!