You Almost Missed It! Logos 7 Intro Discounts Are Here, but Not for Long


You can save 10% on Logos 7—but only if you get it within the next five days. Introductory discounts on Logos 7 end February 6 at 11:59 p.m. That’s less than a week. If you’ve been considering getting Logos 7, now’s the time to choose the option that’s right for you.

Here are four more reasons you’ll want to take advantage of these savings while you still can.

You may get even more than 10% off

If you own an older version of Logos, you’ll get a customized discount based on the books and features you already own. For many Logos users, this represents significant savings. For example, if you own Logos 6 Portfolio, and you upgrade to Logos 7 Portfolio, the cost of your new base package is over 50% off the regular price! We call it your Dynamic Price, and every customer’s is different.

See your custom price on a recommended base package.

We rebuilt Logos 7 libraries from the ground up

We set a couple of key goals when putting together our new libraries. First of all, we wanted to be sure there was some overlap between the libraries in Logos 6 and Logos 7. Why? That ensures brand new customers can get a great deal on a solid lineup of Bible study resources, while also giving current base package owners the kind of discounts explained above.

Another goal: we wanted to focus on quality rather than simply quantity. You still get a hefty number of resources in Logos 7 libraries (Logos 7 Bronze alone contains over 330) but we worked hard to include the best possible combination of resources in our libraries. That’s why you’ll find the the Bible Speaks Today commentary series, Yale’s Works of Jonathan Edwards, Hermeneia, and many other celebrated resources in different base package levels.

Browse our entire line of base packages now.

You can get all Logos 7 features at the Bronze level

With Logos 6, to get all of the newest features you had to spring for the Gold level or higher. This time around, we wanted to make it easier for you to get started with our latest features. That’s why we’ve made all Logos 7 features available with a Bronze package. And if you’re happy with the size of your current library, you can even just get the features with a Logos 7 Full Feature set.

See everything you get with Logos 7 Bronze.

Check out the Logos 7 Full Feature set.

The Sermon Editor alone makes upgrading worth it

Based on the reviews alone, the Sermon Editor is the standout feature of Logos 7. It’s been called “a game-changer,” and “unlike anything else.” One reviewer predicts this feature “will save many busy pastors a lot of time.”

With the Sermon Editor, you can write your sermon right inside Logos. As you type, Logos automatically builds sermon slides, handouts, and even a digital church bulletin. It’s like a word processor built just for preachers—but it’s way smarter than that. Type a reference, and the entire verse appears like magic. Send your slides to the worship team in just a couple clicks, and even send sermon discussion questions to your small group leaders—all from the same place.

Get the Sermon Editor in Logos 7 Bronze.


This is it: introductory discounts disappear in less than a week. Save 10% on Logos 7 while you still can. Get your personalized base package recommendation or call 888-875-9491 to talk with one of our Resource Experts.


  1. Derek Keating says:

    Dear Sir / Madam, I appreciate your various offers to upgrade to Logos 7.
    I don’t know what success rate you’ve had in getting people who live outside the US to upgrade to Logos 7, but I suspect for many it becomes just too expensive.
    I live in Sydney, Australia and I would love to upgrade but when I do the sums it’s a lot of money for a retired person.
    My customized upgrade from Logos 6 Gold to Logos 7 Gold works out in Australian dollars as follows:
    US$973.13 = AU$1268.09, plus any bank fees for international conversion.
    US$53.65pm = AU$69.91pm x 19 months = AU$1328.32 plus 19 banks fees.
    The above conversions are made at the advertise exchange rates on the internet and are not the ones offered by the banks, so those figures will be slightly more in Australian dollars.
    Again, I do appreciate the various offers from Logos / Faithlife, but I do hope these figures give you a better understanding of why I and maybe others haven’t been quick to take up the offers.

    Yours faithfully
    Derek Keating