5 Ways To Strengthen Your Ministry with Mobile Ed


Pastors and church leaders have important roles that keep them very busy. How do you continue to grow and strengthen your ministry while keeping up with daily tasks? You can’t always fly across the country for a conference or afford to invite top scholars to visit your congregation. Maybe it’s been several years since your days at seminary, or perhaps seminary was never part of your story. How can you invest in yourself and your ministry?

Mobile Ed offers theological education and easy access to hundreds of courses that are easy to fit into a busy schedule. These courses offer the opportunity to continue learning anytime, anywhere. Here are five ways you can strengthen your ministry with Mobile Ed courses.

1. Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

ld121_web-2There are many challenges facing church and ministry leaders in the twenty-first century.  Explore how to be a transformational leader with Mark McCloskey’s 4R Model  for learning, teaching, and practicing leadership. Learn how to apply these leadership lessons to a a variety of leadership contexts and advance your ministry.





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2. Equip Yourself to Share Jesus’ Story


From birth, life, and death, to resurrection and exaltation, gain a better understanding of Jesus Christ as you explore how God became man and how we can be like Jesus. Prepare to share the story of Jesus through your ministry.





Pre-order Dr. Gerry Breshears’ Christology The Doctrine of Christ (TH241) today and save 40%.


3. Learn To Articulate a Clear, Biblical Defense of Baptism


Why do Christians disagree about baptism? In this fascinating exploration, Dr. Michael Heiser examines the debates that swirl around this important topic. Should Christians baptize their children, or should baptism be reserved for believers only? What effect does baptism have in the life of the Christian? What is the proper mode of baptism: sprinkling, pouring, or immersion? You’ll explore all of these important questions and learn how to make a biblical defense of your own position by gaining a better understanding of the greater debate.




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4. Gain a Better Understanding of Challenging Scripture Passages


Explore 10 difficult passages from the Old Testament and New Testament including passages that pose ethical problems like God telling Samuel to lie, David asking God to kill his enemies, and Jesus telling his disciples to buy swords or to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Dr. Michael Heiser introduces passages and zeros-in on what the problems are, drawing your attention to what you really need to think about and unravel.




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5. Learn How to Speak More Faithfully of Who God Is


Who is Jesus? Who is God? How can we learn to speak appropriately of the one who revealed God’s self to us? Scripture tells us that Jesus is God’s one self-revelation. But what does that look like? When Christians come together to ask questions about God, we have to be willing and able to listen to each other. By understanding the history of theology during the Patristic Period, you will gain a better understanding  of church history and the complexities of Christianity including how different viewpoints impacted previous ministries as well as your ministry today.


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Take your next step to strengthen your ministry and continue your education. Pre-order any of the Mobile Ed courses and save 40%.