2-Week Free Trial: 1,500 Hours of Biblical Video for Your Entire Church


Want to give a great gift to your entire church that will cost you absolutely nothing? Surprise them with a free trial to the Mobile Ed Video and Faithlife TV Plus subscription. It’s free, it’s simple, and you can do it yourself, right now.

When you do, everyone in your church will get instant access to over 8,000 videos covering 1,500 hours of biblical content. That means your small group could learn about Romans from one of Christianity’s most celebrated scholars, your family could join biblical archaeologists on a dig in the Holy Land, you could explore your identity in Christ during personal devotions—and lots, lots more.

There’s no credit card required to activate your free trial, and getting your church on board is as simple as spreading the word:

  • Start your free trial
  • Create a Faithlife Group for your church (if one doesn’t already exist).
  • Tell everyone in your church they can access free Christian videos when they join your church’s Faithlife group.

Anyone who joins your church’s Faithlife group automatically gets full access to the trial for two weeks. It’s that simple! And as soon as you start the trial, you can start enjoying the videos immediately by visiting FaithlifeTV.com.

Start your church’s free trial now!

Explore the possibilities for your church

Why use a Mobile Ed Video and Faithlife TV Plus subscription? Here are just a few ideas for how your church could take advantage of the hours of content included with a subscription:

  • Use one of our Mobile Ed video series as your small group curriculum
  • Plan a movie night for the whole church
  • Choose a kids video to enhance your children’s church lesson
  • Secure leadership training materials for a full year
  • Unlock kids shows, movies, and more for every family in your church
  • Search thousands of clips to supplement lessons and sermons

The best part is, every member in your church gets truly unfettered access to every bit of content. You don’t have to be at church to enjoy it. Your kids can watch Bible-centered cartoons at home or in the car; you can enhance your personal Bible study with video lectures from celebrated scholars; you can watch an inspiring Christian biography for family movie night. And you can do it all on your desktop, smartphone, iPad, or Roku.

So surprise your church with a two-week free trial today!