The Logos 7 Buyer’s Guide: Resources to Help You Decide

logos 7 buyers guide

There are just 14 days left for you to take advantage of introductory discounts on Logos 7. With the introductory period winding down, we’re pulling together the most helpful blog posts for deciding on a Logos 7 option.

Whether you want to expand your library, find the most affordable way into Logos 7, or just want to get the latest features, this post will point you where you need to go to find the option that fits you.

Get an overview of all your options.

We’ve compiled the authoritative list of all the ways to get Logos 7, including base packages, Feature Sets, and even just libraries. This post is one of our most popular resources for deciding on a path to Logos 7.

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Understand the savings built into base package libraries.

Even if you already own a large library of Logos resources, it’s still worth considering a Logos 7 base package. Why?

What if someone said they’d give you all 22 volumes from John Stott’s Bible Speaks Today New Testament commentary series (regular price: $319.99)—for just $34? Even if you aren’t in the market for a new commentary set, that’s a good deal. It would be hard to pass up.

Or what if someone offered you the complete Tyndale Commentary series featuring authors F.F. Bruce, Wayne Grudem, Douglas Moo, and others (regular price: $224.99)—for just $24. Would you be interested?

Those are the kind of deals that are built into Logos 7 base packages.

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Learn how to stretch your savings even further.

If you’re really on the hunt for a deal when purchasing Logos 7, check out this post from October. It explains how you can take advantage of multiple discounts at once to get the most savings on a Logos 7 base package.

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Discover the lesser-known—but equally powerful—Logos features.

Logos users have been pretty excited by splashy Logos 7 features like the Sermon Editor. But there are many other Logos features that are just as helpful for your Bible study, if you know to look for them. In this post, you’ll find seven of those powerful capabilities you may have missed.

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Find everything you need to know about Logos 7 libraries.

Not only can you get hundreds or even thousands of biblical resources for pennies on the dollar, you’ll get those trusted resources in the Logos format—which means the information you need is just a few clicks or keystrokes away.

In this post, you’ll get the details on what’s new in our Logos 7 libraries—as well as tips on finding the library that best fits your Bible study.

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