Introductory Discounts on Logos 7 End Soon!


You can still get 10% off Logos 7, but not for long! Introductory discounts are ending soon. Here are three reasons to take advantage of these savings while you still can.

People are loving our latest release.

Bestselling Christian author Frank Viola say Logos 7 is “. . . one of the best investments you can make this year.” And look at what other reviewers are saying about one of Logos 7’s most popular features, the Sermon Editor:

The Sermon Editor is available in Logos 7 Bronze and above. See what else you can get in Logos 7 Bronze.

Dynamic Pricing means customized savings.

When you get Logos 7, you pay a custom price based on other Logos resources you already own. So, if you own an earlier version of Logos, or even just some of the books included in a Logos 7 library, you’ll only pay for what’s new to you.

Get a base package recommendation featuring your Dynamic Price.

Upgrading is more flexible than ever.

No two Logos users are exactly alike. Some of us are mainly interested in getting the latest features from Logos, while others are looking for an affordable way to give our library a boost. Logos 7 includes numerous upgrade paths to help you find the package that fits your needs.

Check out all the ways to upgrade now.


There’s still time to save 10% on Logos 7. Get a personalized base package recommendation and take advantage of the introductory discount while you still can!