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Examine the most pressing issues in biblical studies and interpretation with one of evangelicalism’s preeminent periodicals, the Bulletin for Biblical Research. You can get the first volume of this trusted theological resource for FREE during the month of January. Get it now!

Established by the Institute for Biblical Research in 1989, the Bulletin for Biblical Research has published thousands of scholars across all evangelical denominations. This journal is characterized by rigorous scholarship with fidelity to Christ and the church.

This free volume includes eight essays by scholars like Darrell Bock, Bruce Chilton, and Jacob Neusner. Take a closer look at the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22; examine the signs of faith in the Gospel of John; grasp the significance of Jesus’ favored title, “Son of Man” in Luke 5:24; and enjoy other in-depth analyses by accomplished biblical scholars.

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Add an in-depth study of Acts for just $1.99!

When you get this month’s free book, you can pick up Colin Hemer’s monograph on the historical background of Acts for under two dollars.

Until recently, most modern authors have bypassed discussion of the relation of Acts to the world and history around it. In this book, Colin Hemer examines various strands of interlocking historical data. His insights bring fresh light to numerous details, as well as the central question of Luke’s conception of Paul’s visit to Jerusalem. The result is a broader understanding of the Hellenistic world in general and a greater appreciation for Acts as a coherent and consistent product of its day.

Get both books for $1.99 now!


  1. Actually, in the UK at least, all issues of the Bulletin are available for free. I have their site in Favourites and am slowly working my way through a lot of very interesting articles, at no cost.
    I only write this because it’s inferred in your piece that future copies may be available only at a price, not for free.

    • Tyler Smith says

      Hi, Barry.

      Just to clarify, this post is specifically about the Logos edition of the journal, which really is available for free just for the month of January. :-)